Friday, July 31, 2009

Technology is more obvious to me now

It's amazing how, when your eyes are open to the possibilities, you start to see new things -- you're more aware of them. For example, I was aware that there was this e-book reader called a Kindle that was available on But about a month ago I went to a SinC meeting, and the woman across the table from me had one and she showed me how it worked. She had the bigger Kindle II. It was really neat! I wish they weren't so expensive, because now I want one!
Imagine, you can actually take a whole library on vacation with you!

Then, the other day, about a week ago, I sat next to a woman at the Music Circus. She was by herself, and, to give herself something to do before the show, she was reading a book on another device -- not a Kindle. The screen was very small, and she kept paging and paging. I thought she was looking through the apps on her phone, but then I realized that she was reading. I was intrigued. A new place to bring such a thing. And it even fits in a small handbag. I go to a lot of plays alone, since my husband is in them. It's something I can do, rather than bringing a big clunky library book. Now I really want one!

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